Artworks: Urban Metal Prints, Sculpture, Photography and Video

 Marko Stout is a popular American contemporary artist known for his gritty industrial pop style and use of vibrant colors with a focus on New York City and modern urban life. Stout produces work in a variety of media including print, painting, sculpture, film, video, photography and new media. Learn More! 


”Marko Stout is an Artist Extraordinaire!” - Katie Couric (CBS News)

“Marko Stout’s Exhibition is Fantastic!” – Shark Tank (Mr. Wonderful) 

“I Love Marko Stout’s Work!!” – Million Dollar Listing LA (Madison Hildebrand) 

“Marko Stout is Amaz-Balls!” – Queer Eye for Straight Guy (Carson Kressley)


Urban Metal Prints

Aerospace grade aluminum has become Marko Stout's signature element in the production of his iconic "Urban Metal" Works! Marko Stout's aluminum based works are tear-proof and waterproof, as well as scratch and UV resistant. The material is lightweight, durable, highly resistant to corrosion, does not rust and is naturally flame retardant, so you can be sure your valuable investment will last forever. The artist applies a glossy surface to the "Urban Metal" creating a greater depth of saturated color and superior contrasts with a shiny reflective surface.  This reflective quality of the aluminum panels adds luminous color, depth with high resolution of detail in the artists famous modern and very cool style. These gallery metal works come ready to hang with a 3/4" wall float attached to the back for a stunning contemporary look. No frames required!!  



Marko Stout is also well colossal vibrant female sculptures.They have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions and at the Grand Entrance of the ArtExpo in 2017. The work have been purchased and commissioned by international art collectors, corporations and nightclubs.   




In addition to his trade mark "Urban Metal Prints" Marko Stout is also know for his amazing urban photography.  "I don't want my art to be the image, I want it to be the meaning!" - Marko Stout 



Marko Stout's innovative and visionary experimental works have him at the forefront of avant-garde and experimental films. Stout also assists other progressive film-makers with his production of the International Art & Film Festival. Learn more.